Consigning Is A great way to find new homes for your pieces!

Vintage clocks, books, bookends.


-50/50 Split

-90 Days

After 60 Days

We will, most likely, lower the price of your item(s) to give an extra push.

Door County pottery.

After 90 Days

-You Pick Up ... OR

-We donate to a local charity

If you opt to pick up, we kindly ask that you do so by our agreed upon date.

Consignor Login

-Each consignor has a unique bar code.

-You may login from anywhere to see each item, its status, and how much we owe you.

-Fun and easy to use!

Door County artist, Kari Anderson.

Payout Options

-Monthly Check (minimum $50)

-Get Cash/Check In Person at the Shop

-Store Credit

To Begin...

-Email us at

-Include pictures and descriptions (approximate size, age, condition).

-We will let you know which pieces will be a perfect fit for Vintique Resale.

Then, we'll set up a convenient time to have you bring in your items.

View our Consignment Contract below